Uzdeal Guarantee

Uzdeal Guarantee is a feature that allows Uzdeal to hold payment temporarily to make sure the deal is successfully fulfilled before releasing the payment to the seller. All orders are protected by Uzdeal Guarantee where you will be able to see your order’s Uzdeal Guarantee Period on your Order Detail Page.

How Uzdeal Guarantee Can Help

Uzdeal Guarantee is a useful feature for both sellers and buyers. It ensures both parties enjoy secure dealings by acting as a reliable mediator.

Secure Payment

All payment made for every order will be held safely by Uzdeal and will only be released to the seller when the order is completed.

Valid Shipment

Seller will be informed to ship the item within “Days To Ship”. If they fail to do so, the order may be canceled by our system.

Uzdeal Guarantee Extend

A one-time feature for each order to extend Uzdeal Guarantee for 3 days. This is typically useful when an item is shipped to the buyer’s nearby location but cannot be delivered within Uzdeal Guarantee Period because of public holidays or weekends.

Request for Refunds

If the buyer is not happy with the item or has not received the item, they can request for refund and the payment will not be released to the seller until the case is resolved.

Instructions for Buyers

Payment will be released to the seller after you click on the order received. But before that, please make sure:

  • You have received all the products you purchased on Uzdeal via this order
  • You have received the right size, color, and/or style you ordered
  • Product is not damaged or broken
  • The product is working as anticipated
  • Product is true to the product picture and/or product description

Once you click on “Order Received”, we’ll release the payment to the seller and you won’t be able to request for a refund after that. Please refer to our return & refund policy or contact us if you have any queries.

How Is Uzdeal Guarantee Period Calculated?

Uzdeal Guarantee Period is calculated based on seller’s days to ship and expected delivery time.

Let’s consider an example to better understand.

Suppose you pay the order on July 1st

Number of days to ship mentioned in your account = 3 Days

Estimated Delivery Time = 7 Days

Buyer Confirmation Time = 3 Days

In this case, Uzdeal Guarantee Period will be 3 (Days to Ship) + 7 (Estimated Delivery Time) + 3 (Buyer Confirmation Time) = 13 days

What Does Uzdeal Guarantee Period Mean?

In the above example, you can expect to receive your order within 13 days after you make the payment. If the seller had shipped the order but you haven’t received it by then or if the received items are not as per your expectation, Uzdeal encourages you to request for refund within Uzdeal Guarantee Period. We will then proceed with the investigation of the order.


Please note that the Estimated Delivery Time varies between different regions. Please contact our customer support for more information and better calculation.

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