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Flat toothbrushes for household use

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Wavy pinkWavy whiteWavy black blackWavy pink 2pcsCrew cut black 2pcs6pcs mixedBlack Crew cut white 2pcs4PCSwhite4PCSBlack4PCSgreen4PCSpink2pcs Wavy black black2pcs Wavy white4pcs Wavy black white4pcs Wavy white4pcs Wavy Mixed12pcs Wavy Mixed12pcs Wavy Black12pcs Wavy Pink

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Product category: cosmetic set brush
Number of brush sets: 1
Brush material: nylon
Brush bag type: PVC
Brush handle material: plastic
Specification of brush handle: long rod
Specification of hair length: 2.3cm

SKU: CJJJJTYS01225 Categories: ,
Weight 43.0 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 80 cm

Crew cut white, Crew cut green, Crew cut black, Wavy pink, Wavy white, Wavy green, Wavy black black, Wavy black white, Black Crew cut white, Wavy pink 2pcs, Crew cut white 2pcs, Crew cut green 2pcs, Crew cut black 2pcs, 6pcs mixed, Black Crew cut white 2pcs, 4PCSwhite, 4PCSBlack, 4PCSgreen, 4PCSpink, Mixed4pc, 2pcs Wavy black black, 2pcs Wavy black white, 2pcs Wavy pink, 2pcs Wavy green, 2pcs Wavy white, 4pcs Wavy black black, 4pcs Wavy black white, 4pcs Wavy pink, 4pcs Wavy green, 4pcs Wavy white, 4pcs Wavy Mixed, 12pcs Wavy Mixed, 12pcs Wavy Black, 12pcs Wavy White, 12pcs Wavy Green, 12pcs Wavy Pink

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